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Kick Off a Proactive 2022 By Scheduling a Dental Checkup Early

January 3, 2022

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With enthusiasm, you pin up a new calendar on the wall. 2022 has arrived, and no matter how troubling the past two years have been, you’re going to make this your year. Having sketched out a list of goals, you’re trying to determine the best time to schedule each action step. If achieving better health is on your list this year, planning your first dental checkup early in the year can set you up for success for 4 key reasons. 

1—Identify Problems Early On

Fast and effective treatment can often hinge on catching dental problems early on. By scheduling your dental appointment at the beginning of the year, you can assess potential problem areas in your gum or teeth and restore your oral health before any serious issues develop. Additionally, if you are keeping a health log, noting where you began at the start of the year and how your health has improved by the end of the year can give you greater insight into the effectiveness of your current hygiene routine. 

2—Reduce Future Scheduling Stress  

Many patients are committed to scheduling checkups with their local dentist in Pewaukee at least twice a year. However, time can get ahead of us often. When getting a cleaning and checkup becomes necessary, we may already be a few months into the year, juggling large projects at work and preparing for our summer plans. Scheduling your first dental checkup in January or February will allow you to stay on top of your schedule and meet both of your dental checkup commitments before the winter holidays roll around. 

3—Land the Most Desirable Appointment Times 

Proactive patients who schedule their dental appointments early in the year typically have far more scheduling flexibility than others. While other community members slowly recover from the holidays and get back into the groove of work, you can achieve optimal oral health while taking advantage of better appointment flexibility. Whether you prefer an early, mid-day, or late appointment, your dentist is more likely to meet your scheduling needs during this season and provide an optimal second dental checkup for the summer. 

4—Right the Wrongs of Indulgent Holiday Food  

For many of us, one of the best parts of the fall and winter holidays involves the many sweet and savory foods we share. From holiday cookies to honey ham, our teeth and gums are exposed to relatively high sugar levels during the entire season. Getting a dental checkup and cleaning early in the year can quickly restore any potential damage these delicious meals and treats may have caused. 

So, as you pin the new calendar up, make sure to mark the date of your next dental checkup. It will give you peace of mind and promote a strong and healthy smile for all of 2022. 

About the Author 

Dr. Gina Ostrand is a trusted family dentist and Marquette University graduate committed to serving her patients with the utmost care and warmth. Her team proactively designs personalized treatment around each patient to keep their smiles bright and healthy all year. If you have questions about how scheduling a dental checkup early this year can help you reach your health goals, contact her practice at (262) 695-8600 or by visiting her website

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